Nightly News   |  June 18, 2013

Taliban announces willingness to talk with US

After 12 years fighting our nation’s longest war, NATO is handing over control of national security to the Afghans and the Taliban has agreed to talks with the U.S. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> this nation's longest war in afghanistan for the past 12 years, now the u.s. is talking to the taliban . it's one of two big headlines from there tonight. the other is the official transfer of the fighting duties to the afghan forces from our bureau in kabul . our report from duncan golastani.

>> reporter: a suicide attack today in central kabul , a reminder of how volatile afghanistan remains after almost 12 years of war. on a day when afghan forces took charge of their own security across the country.

>> for the people of afghanistan , this is equally and perhaps more a great day.

>> reporter: afghanistan won't just be fighting the taliban , now they'll be talking to them, and so will the united states . the taliban opened up at a news conference in qatar indication. still intent on liberating afghanistan as they put it, promising not to harm other countries.

>> it's good news. we're very pleased with what has taken place.

>> reporter: state department officials say this is just the first step. the taliban have yet to renounce al qaeda or embrace afghanistan 's constitution, including the rights of women. in kabul , uncertainty about talking to the enemy.

>> do you think the taliban is ready to negotiate peace?

>> they have to stop killing innocent people.

>> reporter: it's up to afghan forces to do the fighting. scores are being killed each week. the lieutenant and his men patrolling one of kabul 's most dangerous intersections say they are ready. they're confident they can take on the taliban . duncan golastani, nbc news, kabul .