Nightly News   |  June 19, 2013

Boston bombing victim reunited with man who saved him

Rob Wheeler, who came to the aid of Ron Brassard during the Boston Marathon bombing, met up with him again at Wheeler’s college graduation at Framingham State University. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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>>> finally tonight, following up on the victims of the boston bombing, specifically a man we first met in the hospital soon after the attacks, and the man who helped him. tonight, we chronicle this bond that has grown between these two men. our report tonight from nbc's anne thompson .

>> good to see you again. congratulations. this is a big day .

>> what finds ron bersaurd and ron wheeler.

>> i would like to briefly recognize one student, robert wheeler, who had just completed the marathon as the bomb exploded.

>> rob ran back to help, took off his shirt and tied it around ron 's severely wounded leg. captured in one of the many iconic photos of that day.

>> i wouldn't say i think about the bombing every day, but i do think about the kindness i've seen every day.

>> reporter: come back to him in extraordinary ways. starting with his friendship with ron .

>> i don't think a day has gone by since, you know, since we met that one of the three of us, either my wife or my daughter or myself has been in contact with rob, either via phone or text.

>> reporter: the 28-year age difference is bridged by humor. rob wasn't even supposed to run the marathon that day.

>> i absolutely needed someone to help me, and that someone was rob.

>> reporter: ron still thinks about it today.

>> you wonder if you would run into each other at some other time.

>> ron has thrown out the first pitch at a red sox game. honored at a celtics game. ron and his wife karen are still recoveri recovering, they made the trip from new hampshire to support rob. and they were supported too.

>> we are honored to be joined by the bresaurd family this afternoon.

>> rob is looking to earn a spot on the boston fire department .

>> you know, i'm already running again, boston marathon will run again, and no one is going to stop that.

>> reporter: graduating to the next phase of recovery. anne thompson , nbc news.