Nightly News   |  June 21, 2013

Not a pretty picture: World’s ugliest dogs

For the quarter of a century uncomely pooches with bulging eyes, wacky hair and lolling tongues have competed to be considered the ugliest of them all. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> finally tonight, they have faces only a mother could love as the old saying goes. we are talking about the contestants in the world's ugliest dog contest. the 25th annual in california. and while no one would confuse it with the big fancy show here in new york every year for those fancy pampered dogs, people come from across the country and around the world to see it, including our own mike taibbi .

>> reporter: it's not a pretty picture. none of them are. these are dogs with less. toothless and sometimes jawless. many of them hairless. sha like a hot water bottle?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: and while it's true they're not loveless --

>> she's a wonderful dog and perfect the way she is.

>> reporter: -- it's at least puz thalg a contest replacing breed standard perfection with an invitation to say yuck is the unquestioned hotspot in the annual county fair .

>> it's our premier event. it draws media and people from around the country, around the world.

>> reporter: i've been a dog guy all my life although the ones on my shirt are the only ones i have at the moment. but i wonder, what is the point exactly at a competition aimed at celebrating a complete negative, the ugliest? even the word is, well, ugly. ugly.

>> come on, grumpy!

>> reporter: it turns out everyone has a good time with this. there's none of that westminster seriousness with big money on the line.

>> it kind of goes over like this like a donald trump comb-over.

>> reporter: and the judges add this.

>> and the dogs know that they're loved, soy think that's the bottom line .

>> i always remind people, the dog doesn't know it's ugly.

>> reporter: so smile if you will, and you will, as they all do. here is a demonstration that, like the humans whose best friends they clearly are, a dog's beauty, any dog's beauty, is on the inside.

>> pam is i think a terrier and a poodle gone wrong.

>> reporter: not on the outside that anyone would want to look at for too long in light too bright. mike taibbi , nbc news, petaluma, california.