Nightly News   |  June 22, 2013

Two dead after stunt plane crashes in Ohio

A stunt plane carrying a wing walker — an aerial daredevil who traverses the length of an aircraft during flight — crashed into a field and erupted in a ball of flames during an air show in western Ohio on Saturday. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>> now to a horrific accident witnessed by hundreds at an air show in dayton, ohio today. what had been a thrilling performance by a veteran pie lot and experienced fee mall wing walker turned to tragedy when the plane suddenly went out of control. nbc 's michelle franzen has the story for us tonight.

>> reporter: the horrifying moment as hundreds watch a plane carrying a wing walker at the dayton air show crash to the ground without warning. foe toe photos and videos show the plane coming in low before going upside down, the plane makes a sudden twist. wicker and her pilot, died.

>> of it is mu understanding there was nothing they could do for the victims of the crash.

>> reporter: a statement on the facebook page reads -- it is with sad hats that we announce that jane wicker and charlie schwenker were tragically killed while performing. her website mentions a love of wing walker , after responding to an ad for a wing walker position more than 20 years. in an interview, yesterday, wicker , a budget analyst by trade told dayton's nbc affiliate she was drawn to the thrill.

>> i have been the kind of person that gets bored easy.

>> reporter: wicker goes on to describe how she does her stunts.

>> i start out in the cockpit, walk along the wing, no safety line, no tether, no harness, no parachute and i walk on the wing.

>> reporter: retired wing walker pilot walt pierce said wicker was among the small circle of daredevil performers who has what he calls a life wish.

>> the camaraderie with the other people that fly is really great. and, they get hooked on the people as much as the flying.

>> reporter: wicker documented her adventures on her facebook page and life with family. she was a mother of two boys, and recently engaged. today's accident comes just five years after veteran stunt pilot jim leroy 's plane slammed on to the runway at the dayton air show in 2007 . meanwhile investigators will be looking at factors including weather to determine what caused the plane carrying wicker and schwenker to crash. michelle franzen , nbc news, new york.