Nightly News   |  June 23, 2013

US government reacts to Snowden’s travels

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Pete Williams discuss the legal implications and the U.S. government’s reaction to Edward Snowden’s latest movements.

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>> chief andrea mitchell and pete williams . let me start with you, pete. my understanding was that the u.s. government had carefully crafted the language in this extradition request. and hong kong said it wasn't good enough. what happened?

>> reporter: they said they had been in touch with hong kong since june 10th and never since then have hong kong authorities raised any problem. they say the charges were filed june 14th , hong kong was asked to arrest him the very next day. they asked them to speed it up. and they said they were looking at it, that it was under review. and then last friday night, they say the hong kong authorities sent new questions. they said the u.s. was in the process of responding when they were told he had left.

>> and let me turn to andrea. you've got all these governments here, what's the diplomat fallout from all of this so far?

>> it's considerable. there's no great mystery here. beijing laid its heavy hand on hong kong and dictated his escape. any new relationship with the president is going to be severely affected by this. the u.s. had been cyberspying on china's most prom nebt universities and other institutions of our military and corporate targets. there's also a lot of anger at russia and vladimir putin . if any country that he passes through if he isn't arrested, it will damage the relationship with the u.s.