Nightly News   |  June 28, 2013

In west, ‘hottest temperatures in 100 years’

While the west remains hot and dry, the east is getting lots of rain that has resulted in flash flooding. Some of the worst flooding was in upstate New York where whole neighborhoods remain under water.  The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>>> las vegas and bring in weather channel meteorologist mike seidel . hi, mike.

>> hey, lester. this is unusual here in the desert. we could be looking at hottest temperatures in 100 years. back east, unseasonably cool. let's show you why. a jet stream , high amplitude jet stream for the summertime. in the west, big bulging heat wave . it's just hot. and a big dip back east, a trough, picks up gulf of mexico moisture and leads to flash flooding . vegas, 117. all-time high potential . 119 in phoenix, third hottest day and if death valley gets to 130, hottest temperature on the planet in almost 100 years. in the northeast, too much rain. flash flooding caused by four inches in some spots. upstate new york , syracuse, shopping centers flooded out. whole neighborhoods under water. streets turn into rivers, and more rain this weekend. take a look at the radar, swirling into the northeast. rain, thunderstorms, the threat of severe weather this evening. d.c., philadelphia, where watches are posted and the wet pattern will continue well into next week. here in vegas, nevada power is ready, brought extra capacity online. they are not worried about blackouts or rolling brownouts. las vegas has opened seven cooling centers, and the one way we stay cool out here right now, temperatures 112 degrees, the misters, evaporative cooling. back