Nightly News   |  June 30, 2013

Severe heat wave continues in West

Parts of the country are experiencing triple-digit temperatures as Sunday marked day three of a heat wave that has punished much of the western United States. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>>> days into the punishing extreme heat that has?? beaten down much of the west this weekend. it has claimed at least one life in nevada and the cumulative effect of daily triple digit highs are being felt in other d ways. even grounding commercial airline flights , simmerly too hot to fly. again today, heat warnings and add voers is posted for eight states, they soar to the 120s in the desert southwest .f? 119 in phoenix experienced its fourth hottest day in houston. gabe is in los angeles with the latest.

>> reporter: good evening. the west is used to siz ling summer temperatures but this weekend has been brutal. las vegas has once again tied its daily record high. the western heat wave has turn sd deadly.

>> it feels like an oven.

>> reporter: if las vegas , they found an elderly man dead in his home without air conditioning .

>> i tell you what if i didn't have water with me, i would be in a world of trouble.

>> reporter: in southern california today, half marathoners were3nm treated for heat kpaux. a wildfire flared up this weekend. and two hikers had to be rescued. death valley baking at 128 degrees, just shief the world record set a century ago.

>> it's so hot that you?@ can almost not breathe.

>> reporter: phoenix topped out at 119 degrees yesterday breaking a daily record . u.s. airways canceled 18 flights. they weren't certified to fly in conditions above 118 degrees.

>> the plane can't handle the temperature.

>> the heat so intense that the national weather service experimented by baking cookies in a car, successfully.

>> in we'll arekvn having signs and symptoms of weakness, dizziness.

>> reporter: salt lake city saw 109 degrees. and houston climbed to a record breaking 107 degrees yesterday. but other parts of the country saw a very different type of extreme weather . severe thunderstorms. in lincoln county , north carolina , a giant hole opened up.

>> there's like 30 families down here. we have people with medical issues and we can't get out. no one can get in.

>> reporter: a lightning strike injured three children at an indiana summer camp leaving one in critical condition . and albany, new york residents are on alert after a dam failed there.

>> reporter: back here in parts of the west, triple digit temperatures are leaving millions of people sweating. no major relief expected until tuesday.