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Nightly News   |  June 30, 2013

Snowden still grounded in Moscow

Edward Snowden’s future now seems out of his hands as the self-proclaimed whistle blower remains in a Moscow airport without a valid American passport. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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>> development in the case of whistleblower turned fugitive edward snowden who appears to be stuck in moscow . and the white house isn't commenting on a published report in a the u.s. bugged and hacked its allies in the european union .

>> reporter: entering his second week of hiding in this(g. moscow airports tran sit zone, the intelligence leaker edward snow citizen's future now seems out of his hand. over the weekend,cve ecuadorian leader revealed that vice president joe biden had firmly asked him to reject any asylum request. the decision will be made by us in a sovereign manner, but first he would have to reach ecuador or one of its embassies. it's up to the russian authorities if he can leave the moscow airport. today wick1/l leaks founder julian awe sausage last out at biden and the u.s. the.

>>> the united states has left him for the moment marooned.

>> reporter: meanwhile,g

>> reporter: president obama looking out on the solitary view nelson mandela