Nightly News   |  June 30, 2013

Obama honors ailing Mandela

President Obama honored former South African leader Nelson Mandela on Sunday by visiting the prison where he was held for years and delivering a speech that praised the ailing leader’s legacy. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>> reporter: joe biden had firmly asked him to reject any asylum request. the decision will be made by us in a sovereign manner, but first he would have to reach ecuador or one of its embassies. it's up to the russian authorities if he can leave the moscow airport. today wick1/l leaks founder julian awe sausage last out at biden and the u.s. the.

>>> the united states has left him for the moment marooned.

>> reporter: meanwhile,g

>> reporter: president obama looking out on the solitary view nelson mandela had from his prison cell for more than 20 years. his health condition has overshad doeds the three day visit. being the president's second trip to the island, he could play tour guide for his daughters. and ma hat ma gandhi had.

>> he was a lawyer here in south africa . and it was here --

>> reporter: the president also signed the prison's guest book . the world a grateful for the heroes.

>> reporter: later speaking to the yufr of capetown students, leaned on mandela's legacy again to send a larger message.

>> he showed us that one man's courage could beat the world.

>> and bobby kennedy spoke in the same room 47 years ago.

>> he said each time a man stands up or strikes out against injustice, hexd? sends off a tiny ripple of hope.

>> reporter: earlier in the day he met with archbishop tu tu. but it was a young man showing off his wrapping skills that stock marketed the show.

>> you got to drop the mooip r mic.

>> reporter: the president is off to tan za kneeia tomorrow. george and laura bush are also there to open up a women's clinic on tuesday.