Nightly News   |  June 30, 2013

Lead investigator set to take the stand in Zimmerman trial

Prosecutors in George Zimmerman’s second degree murder trial are hoping the Sanford Police detective who was first on the scene the night of Trayvon Martin’s shooting will help build their case, NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> week two of the george zimmerman second-degree murder trial begins tomorrow with testimony expected from the lead detective in the case. as prosecutors try to regain their footing after a pretty challenging first week.

>> reporter: the night george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin, the lead investigator called to the scene was this police detective . who is seen here talking to george zimmerman as he reenacted what he says happened the night of the shooting.

>> you had him face down, then?

>> yes. faced down and i was on his back.

>> reporter: he could testify in the second-degree murder trial as early as2&rmonday. they will likely ask him about his investigative reports that show the detective wanted to charge zimmerman with man slaughter. while the sat attorney chose not to bring any charges. he wrote that the neighborhood watch captain's actions were inconsistent with those of a person who stated he was in fear of another suspect. he wrote that zimmerman had at least two opportunities to diffuse the circumstances.

>> there are things that night that he heard right that should be very helpful to us. for some reason he didn't believe george zimmerman 's version of fu story.

>> reporter: from the night he was brought into the police department , zimmerman has said he acted in self-defense. he pled not guilty. he hopes he bolsters their case after experts say some state witnesses last week may have helped the defense. among them, jonathan who snapped this picture of george zimmerman that night.

>> and he said this guy beating mea5 up and i shot him.

>> and i had to defend myself and i shot him.

>> outside the court room , a potential concern for the defense is this instagram posting. a picture that says with the words, we beat stupidity, and the hash tag dad killed him. and it was posted by don west daughter's. he released a statement that says in part, sometimes we are deeply disappointed by things our children do but we love them any way and we move on.