Nightly News   |  June 30, 2013

Relief on the way for women going through menopause

A newly approved drug could bring big relief to the millions of women experiencing the unpleasant effects of menopause, NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> health news tonight that could mean a big change in treatment for millions of women deal with one of the unpleasant effects of men pause. a new drug approved by the fda is the first of its kind.

>> reporter: it's 'the most common sthom of menopause and hollywood has had a field day with it.

>> look at this, my first day as a woman and i'm getting hot flashes .

>> reporter: but for the women experiencing hot flashes , it's no laughing matter. intense waves of heat that can cause sweating a and a rapid heartbeat.

>> you can heel feel as it if your whole body is on fire and you can't control in.

>> reporter: until now, most treatments have used hormones. but with studies linking their increased risk of cancer and heart disease , many turn away from them. they approved bis dell for menopausal women.

>> this is a nonhormonal medication that is used to centers in the brain that makes the person adapt to and live with the hot flashes .

>> reporter: it's mostly an anti-depressant. however, it may not be a cure-all. according to the drug makers krin cal trials, women experiencing an average of ten hot flashes a day dropped for four. while those who took a pa see bow, dropped to 5-6 a day.

>> this medication, for example, it's known to have suicidal eye deeation in an increased rate.

>> reporter: ellen writes about menopausal issues and hosts a weekly support group .

>> we need more and more options. each woman can determine whether this option is right for them.

>> bris dell is taken once at bedtime and will be available in november.