Nightly News   |  July 01, 2013

California breaks heat records

Excessive heat continues in the West, where the added danger of monsoon flow can deliver dry lightning strikes. KNBC’s Fritz Coleman reports.

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>>> fires are a component of the grip of intense heat throughout so much of the western u.s. for more, we want to turn tonight to veteran weatherman in los angeles , fritz coleman has chronicled the heat of the southland on knbc-tv. from you to the east, what is the crushing heat on the days to come?

>> 24 more hours of excessive heat warning for all of the southwest. prescott, arizona, 103 today. all of the nation's attention turned to death valley , where at 129 yesterday they broke an all-time june temperature record for the entire united states . lancaster, california, in antelope valley , hit an all-time june record of 115 yesterday. burbank, 90 degrees today, a little better. the added danger of what's called a monsoon flow, southerly flow of moist, unstable tropical air which can deliver dry lightning strikes, which seems to be the cause of the fire in prescott. the single biggest danger for fires in our national forests so we're keeping an eye on the next little 24 hours .

>> fritz coleman , weather veteran in l.a.