Nightly News   |  July 01, 2013

Taped interviews with police mark sixth day of testimony in Zimmerman trial

On Monday, the top two investigators who interviewed George Zimmerman took the stand, including the lead detective who had doubts about the story Zimmerman told police. Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty, saying he fired his gun in self-defense. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> they have started a new week in the trayvon martin case in florida. the jury saw what the accused, george zimmerman , told police in the confrontation that ended in the shooting. ron mott has the latest from sanford, florida.

>> reporter: though he may never take the stand, george zimmerman dominated day six of testimony. in taped interviews with police.

>> he jumped out from the butches, and said what's the [ bleep ] your problem, homie.

>> reporter: she told this officer that trayvon martin quickly overtook him.

>> i said help me, help me, he's killing me. and he placed his hand on my nose and my mouth and he said you're going to die tonight.

>> reporter: zimmerman continue continued.

>> i felt his hand going on my side and thought he was going for my firearm, grabbed it immediately, and he banged my head again, i pulled my firearm out and shot him.

>> reporter: 17-year-old martin, who was unarmed, died that night last year, killed with a shotgun blast to the chest. he pleaded not guilty, saying he fired in self-defense. zimmerman describes martin as a suspect.

>> did you consider to be suspect, such an outrageous term to use, that it caused you concern.

>> i didn't read it at the time.

>> how about today?

>> reporter: the prosecutors said zimmerman wanted to be a cop.

>> the word suspect, you are used to using the word suspect when you are apprehending or describing someone or you feel or suspect is committing a crime, correct?

>> yes, that's what i use.

>> reporter: lead investigator, chris cerino, expressed doubt in a videotape three days after the shooting. why he didn't know about the street he was on and needed to get out of his pickup. under cross-examination, departiculdetec detective cerino said that these types of interviews are standard practice, meant to show inconsistencies or verify a story.