Nightly News   |  July 02, 2013

Obama delays employer healthcare mandate by one year

On Tuesday the U.S. Treasury Department announced the Obama administration will push back implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements. Now these rules will not go into effect in January 2015, which means some people will need to wait an extra year to get that healthcare coverage. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>>> about one of the most important pieces of president obama 's new health care law set to go into effect next year. this news involves what happens to employers who don't provide health insurance coverage to their workers. peter alexander at the white house tonight with late details, a development this big with the president on an airplane heading into a holiday weekend is going to make a lot of people suspicious.

>> yeah, not exactly the headline the white house was hoping to wake up to, the president expected to arrive here again tonight, brian. the white house has been the president's biggest legislative achievement, it's been met with a lot of resistance from republicans, and also from some companies that say it was simply too complicated and complex. today the obama administration said it's listening to those businesses, it's delaying penalties for large employers who don't pry health insurance coverage to their workers for a full year. this was supposed to go into effect this coming january, now it won't go into effect until january 2015 . some people may have to wait an extra year before they get that health coverage. the white house insists this will be its opportunity to help simplify the process.

>> such a big part of the health care coverage process in the beginning. peter alexander from the north lawn of the white house tonight, thanks.