Nightly News   |  July 02, 2013

Michelle Obama: ‘My husband needs time to be off’

During President Obama’s trip to Africa, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama both agreed to speak at a forum about life in the White House moderated by Cokie Roberts.

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>>> finally here tonight this week's rare confluence of travel means two presidents and two first ladies were in africa, in tanzania at the same time. both women agreed to speak about life in the white house and life while married to presidents. the moderator started by quoting martha washington . the conversation, both first ladies in their own words.

>> i remember walking into that house, and i didn't even know where the bathrooms were. but i had to get ready for a ball. i've got to look nice? it's like, what door is this? and you're opening up all these doors, you can't find your toothpaste, you don't know where your kids are. that's day one. there are prison elements to it. but there is a really nice prison.

>> with a chef, you can't complain.

>> in these jobs when the stress is so much, and there's so much coming at them, i've come to realize that there has to be a soft place to land. there has to be a place where they walk in that door and they are -- no one else but dad or sweetheart.

>> i think you have to be really careful.

>> tell them the truth. there are lots of advisers. lots of people who are the experts. i pretty much let them be the advisers. i might say you need to comb your hair.

>> i love my husband, but sometimes when he has five things to do at one time, it's funny to watch it. you don't know where your jacket is right now. can't find that shoe, mr. president. i found that my husband needs time to be off. the only time is when he walks into the doors of the residence. and we sit down, we have a family dinner. the fortunate thing about having young children and girls, is that truly they could care less about him.

>> they tell the truth.

>> they do. they actually -- there are times when malia is like, so, what about climate change.

>> not one but two first