Nightly News   |  July 03, 2013

Under Morsi, life in Egypt intolerable for millions

Rampant crime, a crumbling economy and a revolution hijacked by Islamic fundamentalists all contributed to the country’s unrest, prompting calls for change by many in Egypt, including those who had voted for Mohammed Morsi. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> let's go to street level in cairo and the people who made this happen. the last time that they tossed a president, the solution was not what many had in mind. eamon spent time with protesters.

>> reporter: they came by ones of thousands and spoke with wouone voice.

>> i can't explain. it's really a burden gone.

>> reporter: this woman among them, helping bring down the one man she once voted for.

>> i wasn't that optimistic, but this is much better than i expected.

>> reporter: morsi's outster is what moisha hoped for for millions like her, life in egypt had become intolerable.

>> this is not about morsi per se , the person this is about the promises, plans, and the future and all things he promised he could not fulfill.

>> reporter: crime soaring, the economy crumbling and above all, the revolution being hijacked by islamist fundamentalists. even going back to protist was too dangerous for moisha and her friends. they demonstrated outside the palace instead.

>> reporte tonight, finally calls for change have been answered. great concern about what comes next, she feels once again egypt is a country she can be proud of. this evening, the message out of tahrir, she have ensured dictator ships, and a short-lived islamic government . they say they want freedom, won't be deterred and are willing to die for freedom.

>> eamon, thanks.

>>> what about the u.s. in all of this? let's bring in chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell . our support is for egypt , regardless of president and they are huddling tonight