Nightly News   |  July 04, 2013

Military fireworks fall victim to Washington budget impasse

The skies will be dark at many bases around the country as fireworks are canceled to save money under sequestration. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>>> the failure of the president and congress to pass a budget means there will be no fireworks on this fourth of july for many military families there is no money for them. nbc's mark potter has the story tonight.

>> reporter: in past years, the fourth of july on u.s. military bases was always an exuberant celebration. at many bases, the skies will be dark as fireworks are canceled to save money under sequestration.

>> it's sad. it just should be a celebration instead of it being so quiet.

>> reporter: one of those bases ft. bragg in north carolina . where the army says it can't afford it this year. instead, the nearby city of fayetteville is hosting the fireworks, after being awarded the money when ft. bragg staff sergeant jeff wells won a july 4th essay contest. he read for us his essay.

>> to not have a fireworks display is not only morale degrading scenario, but a shame to those who sacrificed so much.

>> reporter: other bases not having fireworks include camp lejeune , pearl harbor . some have been given money by community and local businesses. one of the places that will have fireworks tonight is the homestead reserve base near miami. they are not being paid for with tax dollars, but with money the military raised through sales and fees. and with the help of sponsors. at a natural inflationnaturaliza tinch tio n ceremony has come to this.

>> we shouldn't be takening it out on the military.

>> reporter: a glorious american tradition tangled up in the budget wars.