Nightly News   |  July 04, 2013

Wild weather hits US on holiday

The Weather Channel’s Crystal Egger has more on the extreme conditions.

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>>> a lot of folks around the country found themselves dealing with extreme weather . it seemed more liked the middle of winter in santa rosa , new mexico, after a storm dumped more than a foot of hail. many homes and businesses were damaged, along the florida panhandle today, heavy rain and thunderstorms caused flash flooding and several yearareas, as much as 20 inches has fallen. beaches in florida and alabama have closed due to heavy rip current . we're joined by crystal egger on all of this.

>> a serious flood threat across the southeast. plans to be outdoors or do any traveling over the holiday, you are definitely going to be impacted. we've had substantial rainfall amounts across the panhandle, as tropical moisture streams in across the gulf coast . nearly 20 inches in some spots between destin to appalachicola. and flash flooding is already under way and we've had some very heavy downpours, including parts of alabama and georgia. so we want you to be on high alert, definitely heed any warnings that come out. know which county you are in if you happy to be on vacation, including people hiking or camping in the appalachians, where we also anticipate flooding. across the northeast, up to new england, we escape the wet weather. no thunderstorms in the forecast here, but it is going to be hot and humid. and not much relief from the oppressive heat as we get into the weekend. highlights for tomorrow, heavy rain from florida, up to the ohio valley . heats up in the middle of the country. and not quite as hot in the west, but we're still in the triple digits in places like vegas and phoenix, looking absolutely pleasant from san diego into the seattle area. dangerous weather in the southeast. be safe, everyone.

>> good advice, crystal at the