Nightly News   |  July 05, 2013

Street battle rages in Egypt

For hours, there was no security in sight as the fighting ensued. Guns, stones and even fireworks were used as weapons but Morsi’s supporters were driven back by the anti-Morsi demonstrators, and the military. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> good evening. i'm carl quintanilla in for brian. in egypt , the battle over that country's political future is turning more violent. 30 dead in egypt and it's further spilling into the streets. the u.s. state department condemned clashes between supporters of mohamed morsi and his opponents. crowds throwing stones, firing guns, in short, all-out mayhem on a key bridge crossing the nile river . our team in cairo , witness to the chaos all night, watching it unfold. we begin with nbc's eamon mohyeldin. good evening.

>> reporter: we watched it unfold this evening from right here. supporters of morsi, marching in the streets, demanding the president be reinstated, before marching on the state television building. they came face to face with morsi's opponents. the two sides fought the battle for hours. the type of fighting many fear is pushing egypt to the brink. it began with two sides taunting each other, just yards apart on cairo 's most important bridge. they broke up pavement and sidewalks and used stones to attack each other. the anti-morsi crowd using scrap metal as shields, forcing their way down the ramps. within minutes, it became a full-scale assault. we were on the streets as injured being rushed from the front lines. we saw a muslim brotherhood supporter, firing his gun and reloading to shoot again. both sides used fireworks as makeshift weapons. for hours, no security in sight, no police, no army, as fighting raged on. sometimes, hand to hand . anti-morsi demonstrators set fire to a car on the bridge and charged down the ramp. some were grabbed and beaten. ambulances struggled to get to wounded. some were rescued. others appeared lifeless. two hours in, morsi supporters charged up the ramp and onto the bridge, taking control, but not for long. the army, which forced morsi out just wednesday finally rolled across the bridge, opening fire to control the fighting. within minutes, anti-morsi fighters jumped on the tank, waving flags , chanting the people and the army are one. morsi supporters were driven back, for now. nbc news, cairo .