Nightly News   |  July 05, 2013

Deadly confrontation as supporters march to free Morsi

Thousands of people marched in support of ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, who is being held at an army barracks near the airport. The clashes continued in Cairo, Alexandria and Sinai where the army was on high alert. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>>> this is richard engel . just hours before the bridge showdown, a deadly armed confrontation. thousands of morsi supporters marching to free their detained president from an army barracks near the airport. several videos appeared to show they were shot at. security forces opening fire. a man lying dead on the ground. then carried away. the wounded are brought in by motorcycles, treated right on the ground. the wounds we saw looked like they were caused by shotguns.

>> in the head, in the heart!

>> reporter: we saw more than a dozen wounded. this man said he saw a protester die in front of him. medics told us at least four were killed and it wasn't just cairo. in alexandria, more clashes. and in the sanai, four posts attacked, one soldier killed. the muslim brotherhood called this a day of rejection and promises to keep it up until morsi return is returned to office. no sign the army will let that happen, setting the stage for more violence. the main problem now, carl, this country is so divided. many egyptians, i would say the majority, support the military's intervention. they certainly do here in tahrir square. many other egyptians, represented by a vaqnguard of thousands, feel they were cheated.

>> who is the stabilizing force? will the military stop this violence, or will it get worse?

>> reporter: well, it's about the will. i think the military and police force could stop this violence if they really wanted. both are enormous forces and could impose a curfew, checkpoints all over the country. instead, we haven't seen that. the army, which intervened and did it quite controversially doesn't want it to look like a coup. doesn't want to alienate more people, washington and european allies, who haven't been particularly welcoming. but the army may have to take those drastic steps.

>> our team in cairo tonight,