Nightly News   |  July 06, 2013

Boeing 777 crashes in San Francisco

The fiery crash landing of a Korean jetliner at the San Francisco International Airport late Saturday morning has left at least two people dead, and up to 70 injured, according to NBC Bay Area station KNTV. Hospitals say some of the injured are critical. NBC’s Lester Holt reports.

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>>> good evening. the fiery crash landing of a korean jetliner at san francisco international airport late this morning has left at least two people dead and up to 70 injured. according to bay area station kntv. some of the injured are critical. remarkably, most of the passengers and crew aboard, 300, made it off the burning plane unhurt. the wide-bodied 787 was approaching the runway at an un usually high up most nose angle. tail section striking a seawall several hundred feet short, sending the jet careening out of control and bursting into flames. tonight, officials account for all passengers and crew, investigators are picking through a trail of debris that may tell the tale of the final seconds of the flight. our team in place to bring you the latest on the tragedy. noelle walker starts us off. good evening. what can you tell us?

>> reporter: good evening, lester. four hours into the developing news story at 11:33 pacific time , a cinthe flight crashed. you can see where the plane came to rest on the other side of the bay. multiple sources tell nbc news the plane was seen coming in very low, that the tail section hit the seawall near the bay and then broke off. we know that there was debris scattered in the water. we know that the plane then continued to skid down the runway. some report seeing it overturn and have a wing fall off of it. two confirmed dead in the plane crash . 61 injured, 10 of those critical injuries. we know they were taken to hospitals that are able to treat trauma victims, trauma dealing with burning. we also know that this is a boeing 777 , considered a fairly safe airplane. there have only been three crashes of this type of plane in the last 20 years. this would be the first fatal crash involving this type of plane, this particular plane put into service in the year 2006 , which is relatively new by airline standards. we know that flights in and out of san francisco are being diverted right now, both locally to oakland which is just across the bay, and to san jose . we know those flights should resume shortly. lester.