Nightly News   |  July 06, 2013

NTSB to consider multiple scenarios

Former NTSB investigator Greg Feith joins Lester Holt with more on the San Francisco plane crash.

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>> let's bring in greg fites now. a former ntsb investigator. walk me through, what are the possible scenarios that would put a plane in that position of landing short of the runway?

>> one of the things, lester, they'll look at pilot operation. were they scheduled to land on runway, shifted to another runway? this is a long flight. pilot fatigue is going to be an issue that ntsb will look at and look at the airport as well. construction going on, the possibility that the instrument landing system , that part of the system that gives the pilot guidance to the runway could have been out of service. they want to know if the flight crew was trying to follow that particular guidance and got them low on the flight path . a number of issues with the flight crew and this airplane as far as mechanical malfunction.

>> what about the possible loss of power this is a safe plane, a british airways 777 loss of power close to the runway.

>> that's always an issue. and the ntsb chairman said one of the groups will be power plants , they'll be looking for that. given there were no distress calls, that's not unusual if you will. only because the crew is aveiating and navigating and flying the airplane, communication will be last. particularly with two pilots, you will get a radio call. it appears this airplane this crew, didn't have any issues and were landing that airplane, got into a high sink rate and hit the tail before actually getting to pavement.

>> appreciate your expert heise. we'll update during the newscast as events warrant.