Nightly News   |  July 06, 2013

ElBaradei's appointment as interim PM put on hold

After days of violent demonstrations following the overthrow of Egypt’s President Morsi, for a time today, one of his chief critics, Mohamed ElBaradei, was named the interim prime minister, in a move that would have given the generals who ousted Morsi new credibility with the West. But then the offer was withdrawn. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> today, one of morsi's chief critics, mohammed al barra d dei was named interim prime minister . then the offer withdrawn. eamon molhedin joins us with more from cairo.

>> reporter: the egyptian military has come under a lot of criticism. tonight, they were rushing to put a civilian government in place by appointing a new prime minister. one of the country's toughest jobs, and the man up until a short while ago that was to accept it was mohammed el baradei . the president spokesman spoke to the media and contindenied that a prime minister had been appointed and said that negotiation was still ongoing. mourner s buried victims. meanwhile, members of the muslim brotherhood helped a memorial to those killed by the military marching in nationwide protests, demanding the president be reinstated. egypt's military keen on showing the civilian government in charge, to avoid any backlash from washington. for now, president obama continues to monitor the fluid situation and convened a conference call with national security team and condemned violence over the weekend, and the president says the u.s. has no side on who runs the government.

>> mohammed elberadei will be the guest on "meet the press" tomorrow.