Nightly News   |  July 07, 2013

Plane crash survivors recall horror

Passengers on Flight 214 recall the horrifying moments after an otherwise uneventful trip turned into a disaster. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> we want to turn now to the passengers who survived flight 214 and their harrowing stories of survival. miguel, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening. tonight many of the survivors are hospitalized here at san francisco general. six are in critical condition clulg one child. but incredibly, many have been treated and released. amid the smoking wrem aj on runway 28 left, amazing stories of survival.

>> i was holding thing so tight, and bang. the impact was so powerful.

>> reporter: eugene rah was sitting in row three.

>> i felt, you know, i was dying. that was the moment.

>> reporter: he remembers the fear in the air as the plane touched down. but tonight he's still haunted by the silence after the crash.

>> nobody was moving. no sound, nothing.

>> reporter: but the silence didn't last long.

>> it was disbelief, screaming.

>> reporter: benefit levy skez the cabin be began to fill with smoke. he considers himself one of the lucky ones .

>> my injuries are bruised ribs and --

>> reporter: leavy helped many of his fellow passengers off the plane and on to the emergency slide.

>> in your head everything goes in slow motion , you just don't believe it's happening. you don't know if you're going to be dead at the end or not.

>> reporter: the survivors, some dazed other severely injured, 53 arrived at san francisco general.

>> the most serious injuries were the spine and head and injuries to their extremities.

>> reporter: it was packed with student from china. this young girl was traveling from china.

>> when the flight crashed i just grabbed my son.

>> reporter: tonight her 4-year-old son is recovering where doctors say it's a miracle so many have survived. the staff remains optimistic, but point out those who are still hospitalized tonight have a long road ahead of