Nightly News   |  July 07, 2013

US waits for Egypt to appoint new leader

Washington continues to wait for Egypt to appoint a new leader, as opponents and supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi again clashed on the streets of Cairo. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> turning overseas to the crisis in egypt where supporters and opponents of morsi took to the streets again today. he's still under house arrest and the state department is watching and waiting for the military generals who deposed him to fill the gap. amon is in cairo tonight.

>> reporter: egypt's military is scrambling to get a government in place and tonight we are learning who may lead it. meanwhile the supporters and opponents of the ousted president have continued their demonstrators. they dmon traded in rival marches across the country. at times they turn violent. the man who was widely expected to be the sbirm prime minister told us that he was expected to be pointed as the prime minister. but some of the country's political parties objected to him so instead he's likely to become the interim vice president. the man who is expected to be the prime minister, is a well respected committee mist and lawyer. many hope with his economic background, he be able to address their economic woes. one thing protesters on both sides agree on is their anger with the united states . they say the u.s. is backing this coup against the elected president and -- this evening a president at spokesman told us that while the president has been meeting with various political forces, he's expected to make an announcement tomorrow. and many hope here it will calm tensions on the streets.