Nightly News   |  July 07, 2013

Extreme summer weather grips nation

Heat waves, fires and floods have tormented parts of the country as millions of Americans are on alert for wild weather. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>>> on the battle against the elements.

>> from the mid-atlantic up to new england, excessive heat warnings are in effect throughout philadelphia and new york. where more than 400 cooling centers will open on monday. in oklahoma at a concert meant to raise money for tornado victims.

>> hot. really hot.

>> reporter: almost 1300 people were treated for heat related problems. 21 went to the hospital. tleet two of them in critical condition . ohio and kentucky had a different problem. fast moving rained flooded rains in the lexington area. near chattanooga, a roof collapsed. and around daytona beach , florida, rip currents since thursday.

>> red flag conditions throughout the weekend which mean very hazardous.

>> reporter: in the west, the heat is fueling at least 18 major while fires including this one in nevada that has already scorched 6300 acres.

>> there's a very large swing in the jet stream and the flooding rained are all the way from the gulf coast to carolina and even into kentucky and places in the ohio valley . this is all part of a settle of weather systems that has come together in an unusual way.

>> reporter: unusually wild weather that has millions on alert tonight.