Nightly News   |  July 08, 2013

Scores dead as military clashes with Morsi supporters

Ever since the military ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, his supporters have been staging a sit-in outside the heavily fortified compound of the military's elite Republican Guard. On Monday, at the gates of the compound, Egypt witnessed the bloodiest day it has seen in the past two years. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> a deepening crisis in egypt . the obama house said today it does not intend to cut off aid to egypt . an argument about how today's violence started, but at least 51 protesters killed. hundreds injured in a battle with the military. nbc's eamon molhedin in cairo tonight. good evening.

>> reporter: good evening. the removal of morsi left egypt divided and immediately led to violence on the street. today, a deadly confrontation that has many fearing a new wave of bloodshed. egypt 's bloodiest day in two years. the clash between supporters of president morsi and those who wanted him outsted. it left scores dead and each side blaming the other. the muslim brotherhood released this video. they claim it shows today's incident. a soldier can be seen firing from a roof into the crowd. an unprovoked massacre, they said, holding up military bullet casings and blood-drenched shirt. who do you blame for what happened here this morning?

>> i blame the --

>> reporter: the military countered with its own video, showing soldiers coming under attack by what it called terrorists, armed with guns and molotov cocktails . a volunteer doctor treated hundreds this morning.

>> think whoever was shooting them wasn't really wanting to evacuate the streets. it was really, um -- it was shoot to kill .

>> reporter: morsi loyalists hate the army's commander. they are now calling for his trial.

>> we want to judge him first, judge him by law, not in the streets.

>> reporter: that won't be easy. millions of egyptians wanted morsi and the muslim brotherhood out. the military is riding a wave of popularity. but many fear today's clashes will open a new round of violence between the army and the muslim brotherhood . which is not backing down.

>> we'll increase the protesters.

>> reporter: late tonight, egypt 's president announced parliamentary elections and presidential elections would be held in seven months in an attempt to try and cool things down with the hopes that getting egypt an elected government will do just that. brian.