Nightly News   |  July 09, 2013

An early birthday card to the newest Royal

NBC’s Keir Simmons, a new father himself, on the eagerly-awaited arrival of Will and Kate’s baby.

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>>> finally tonight as we menti mentioned, the waiting game is underway. we already know the official title of their child prince or princess of cambridge. one of our london based correspondents had an idea. he became the father of twins, born at the very same hospital and so tonight nbc's kier simmons offers this early birthday letter to the newest member of the royal family .

>> your royal heiness, you're not even here yet, so you couldn't know. you're about to become the most famous baby in the world. outside st. mary's hospital where you'll be born, reporters and photographers already staking out their places. get used to them, they'll be with you all your life. just ask your father. he made his debut outside the same hospital 31 years ago, that's your grandmother holding you, diana. the world loved her. sadly she's gone now. there's charles, your grandfather. their wedding was seen round the world . so was your parents, william and kate's, the whole world is on a first name basis with your family. especially your great grandmother, elizabeth. you'll have her job one day whether you're a boy or a girl. that law's been changed just for you. you may have to wait a while. charles, your father is already in line. and elizabeth's been queen for 60 years. if you hang in there, one day all this will be yours. your face will be on money, stamps, and we don't even know what your name is yet. like your dad and your uncle harry, you may be proud to wear the uniform one day and serve your country in the military. no matter what you do, you will be in the spotlight. it's already begun. just look at the souvenirs. and these imaginary family snapshots created by a london artist for new york magazines. your folks will work hard to protect you. it won't always be easy. you will need to appear ordinary while living a life of privilege. your life is set to be extraordinary, and it hasn't even begun. kier simmons, nbc news, london .