Nightly News   |  July 10, 2013

On day of Boston bombing, ‘I knew who did it’

Brian Williams speaks with bombing survivor Jeffrey Bauman, who was carried away in an ambulance after being wounded at the Boston Marathon. He recalls standing right next to suspected bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who Bauman said was holding his backpack and not talking to anybody.

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>>> and a gripping photo is speaking out. 27, worked at costco. devoting efforts to recovering with a lot of help. he is the one who saw one of the suspected bombers, the tsavraev brother that was killed. jeff bowman told us certain things bring back that day.

>> i remember everything. you know, i -- i remember a little bit more sometimes.

>> reporter: yeah. does anything trigger it? i mean, if i were you, i've been thinking about this, i probably wouldn't want to see media, pictures, videotape?

>> i can't google my name. i love the articles, but i scroll down and i see the images and gives me like an instant flash back, that pool of blood i was laying in.

>> reporter: you saw the guy, and all of us have used the expression in our lives, in your case, it's more serious than others, he didn't look right?

>> no. i mean, he just -- you could tell people that were there for the marathon, because everyone was watching the marathon, and everyone was having fun , like, you know, talking.

>> reporter: beautiful day .

>> beautiful day , yelling, screaming, clapping and cheering. a fun atmosphere. it was great. and he was just like that. just holding his backpack. not talking to anybody, not with anybody, and standing right next to me, so i was like who is he with, what's he doing? kind of weird. out of place.

>> reporter: and so much security around there, right where you were?

>> yes.

>> reporter: and a ton of cameras and you were so crucial in the investigation. as soon as you came to?

>> yeah. even in the ambulance ride i was trying to say something, trying to say like i knew who did it, i knew what went on. what? you know what went on, knew what happened? i said, yeah, i saw the guy i think. that's what i said, i saw the guy. i just wanted to get a face out there and just to help. i just wanted to help.

>> reporter: you know, if there is something to feel good about, feel good about the fact that you sped this investigation along. man, you were the break.

>> i think about that, i do. and i'm just glad that think couldn't hurt -- i know they shot that officer, they snuck up on him, and that's horrible. that's -- but i'm glad they didn't go down -- i know they had plans for new york, that's what i heard, and they would have injured a lot more people.

>> reporter: how do you keep mentally strong, from replaying decisions you made, crazy, little tiny things you made that day that affected everything?

>> i mean, that does happen. i do do it. being active and being out and doing stuff takes my mind off of everything. and you can't think -- you can't think of what happened. what would have happened if i ate something for breakfast that took a little bit longer or did something else. you can't replay it. it's in the past. you have to move forward.

>> reporter: where do you see yourself in five years?

>> i really want to do something great. i want to be out there. i want to help people. i just want to help people. that's what i want to do.

>> we also witnessed the reunion of jeff bowman and karl sarandando, the man in the cowboy hat that is credited for saving his life. they talk every day, they say they will be friends the rest of their lives. more on that tomorrow morning on "today" and on our website.