Nightly News   |  July 14, 2013

Royal baby speculation

Royal watchers are eagerly awaiting Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first child, and speculation is rampant about everything from the baby’s hair color to name to date of birth. NBC’s Mandy Clark reports.

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>>> finally tonight, today was the day, the day a lot of royal watchers were predicting a royal delivery in london, but apparently someone forgot to tell the baby. prince william spent today at a charity polo match. kate spent the day at her mom's and nbc's mandy clark spent the day taking in all the hoopla.

>> reporter: baby jitters? not prince william . he spent the day horsing around with his brother, harry, at a polo match and his wife kate reportedly spending the weekend with her parents, miles from her london hospital .

>> that would suggest she's at least not expecting her baby to come until next week.

>> reporter: still all this enthusiasm has many placing bets on the baby, the favorite, a brown haired girl named alexandra, born today. it seems everyone has bearhunts. what's the due date?

>> wednesday.

>> friday.

>> 10:45 tonight.

>> reporter: hair color ?

>> brown hair .

>> ginger.

>> blond hair.

>> reporter: name?

>> diana.

>> daniel.

>> reporter: daniel, i like it. but kate 's mom reportedly told friends the baby will be a leo, a star sign that only begins july 23rd . that has astrologers dizzy with excitement.

>> the sign of leo and cancer dominate the royal family and this baby has a mixture of both. it's the most royal of royal babies.

>> reporter: if that's not enough the baby believes it will be related to american musical authority.

>> it will be related to jay-z and beyonce's daughter. not close relatives.

>> reporter: the world media is camped out the hospital.

>> it's total insanity every time something like this happens, we all go completely mad.

>> reporter: when the baby is born, william will call his grannie, the queen. she'll be the first to know then a bulletin is brought from the hospital to buckingham palace . will be displayed on an easel just beyond the palace gates stating the weight, gender and time of birth, but not necessarily the name. william and kate have up to six weeks to pick the name after the birth. they might keep us guessing for some time yet. mandy clark , nbc news, london.