Nightly News   |  July 15, 2013

High heat to bake East Coast for days

There will be anywhere between six to seven days of searing heat on the East Coast where temperatures are reaching the mid-90s. Heat advisories will be in effect across much of the northeast into New England. Meteorologist Janice Huff reports

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>>> weather is making news tonight. yes, it's summer. and yes, across a lot of this country, it's supposed to be hot right about now, but forecasters are warning about a dong rouse and oppressive kind of heat wave hitting a big part of this country, one of the more sustained we have seen in years. meteorologist janice huff is with us from a very hot stretch of sixth avenue in midtown manhattan . and janice, i can report here in washington, we officially hit 100 at 3 p.m .

>> that's right, brian. it's hot up and down the northeast corridor . like you said, while the sheet not uncommon here in sum, the duration that we are expecting is uncommon. right now, we are looking at anywhere from at least six to seven days of this searing heat across the northeast. right now behind me, just across the street from our studios at 30 rock , it's 97 degrees on this thermometer, 97, 96, it is fluke weight. but i'm about ten blocks south of central park , where it is slightly cooler. 92 degrees right now in central park . temperatures are expected to reach the mid-90s for the next five to six days. the heat index , or what it feels like, will be well above 100 degrees. right now, some areas, it still feels that way. heat advisories will be in effect across much of the northeast from washington, d.c., where you are, brian, all the way into new england, for the next several days. the heat will be excessive in places like philadelphia where it feels like 99, right now just a little after 6:30 here on the east coast . the advisories will stay in affect the same areas, mainly the urban areas , the cities that hold in the heat because of all the buildings and the concrete and the roadways. we call that the heat island . it doesn't cool off very much at night. this area of high pressure that's been building across the area for the past couple of days is not going anywhere until later into the weekend. it will start to shift a little bit more back over the ocean to and we'll start to see some relief by then. in the many time, it's going to stay cycling. it is going to be smothering this heat. and it could be dangerous. what we need to remind everybody is that heat-related illnesses, and deaths in particular, are higher during heat incident he is than any other type of weather event, more than tornadoes, more than hurricanes, floods. people can die in the heat. everybody has to stay cool and comfortable. resleeve on the way in a few days. back to you.

>> big strain on utilities as well. janice huff from the heat eye law and of manhattan tonight. janice, thanks.