Nightly News   |  July 16, 2013

Heat dome lingers over US

Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore explains the heat gripping the Northeast, Ohio Valley and Great Lakes will not last into the weekend as cooler air begins to march in.

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>>> let's get more on the heat dome concept we're hearing about. how long will it last, jim?

>> good evening, brian. we're going to take the core of this heat dome, where the heat indexes, the moisture and the air temperature feel like 95 to 105, and show you what it's going to be doing for the rest of the week. it's going to be sitting around. what this is, essentially, think of it, it's like a dome, if you tilt it upwards, you have a cap on the atmosphere, and in a dome of this magnitude, this sinking air leads to additional warming. 90 becomes 95 and 97 degrees, and the effect on the humidity, it feels like 105. the heat will not last into the weekend for many areas, because a trough is going to come through, we'll pay the price with severe thunderstorms. as we get into the day with this, that's when we'll feel the real heat from this heat wave .

>> jim cantore at weather channel headquarters, thanks.