Nightly News   |  July 17, 2013

Boy or girl, the Queen just hopes baby ‘arrives soon’

The baby Kate is carrying will shape the future of the monarchy, with new rules of succession replacing the old. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>>> in great britain, the expectations are getting greater by the hour, as the world anticipates the birth of the royal baby, pretty much any time now. even the queen herself had something to say about the timing. nbc's kate snow is in london tonight , watching and waiting, along with everybody else. and kate , i understand that is the hospital behind you where we will know something at some point.

>> reporter: it is, brian . and about all we know right now is that at some point, kate middleton , the duchess of cambridge, will come to this hospital and give birth to a baby. what we don't know is where she and the prince are at this hour, or, indeed, her exact due date. and even the queen is getting anxious. in northern england this morning, 10-year-old child asked the queen an important question.

>> i asked her whether she would like the baby to be a boy or girl .

>> reporter: the queen's reply?

>> i'm going on holiday.

>> reporter: she is headed to scotland next week. the baby will be diana's grandchild, but if it were born today it would share a birthday with prince charles ' second wife, camilla, now 66. she said monday she was hoping for a birth by the end of the week.

>> all waiting.

>> reporter: we last saw prince william at a polo match on sunday. kate has been out of sight since mid-june. the baby she is carrying will shape the future of the monarchy.

>> this is the dawning of a new era for the house of windsor, a magical new time for the royal family .

>> reporter: with new rules of succession replacing the old.

>> completely sexist, age-old law dating back to the 18th seine xhurry dictating that a first-born daughter can't take the throne if succeeded by a second-born son. that's all been scrapped.

>> reporter: queen elizabeth herself wouldn't be keep at all if she had had a brother, but this baby, boy or girl , will be in line to the throne after grandpa and dad, of course. here in london, even the tourists are hoping kate hurries.

>> i'm here until tomorrow night. so, she needs to have it today.

>> reporter: but as every mother knows, babies have their own schedule. and once this baby is born, someone will race out here around go over to buckingham palace two miles away with a bulletin for the public to put up the notice about the gender, the time of birth, the weight of the baby, and we expect, brian , because this is such a modern monarchy now, they will also post all those details on twitter around facebook. brian ?

>> kate snow in london who be among the first to know. kate , thanks. we will be looking for you.