Nightly News   |  July 17, 2013

Don’t miss the boat! Meet Lake Geneva’s mail jumpers

There’s no standard mail delivery for Lake Geneva, Wis., the one place in the country where mail is delivered from boat to dock by teens who are swift-of-foot, carrying their deliveries across the water to mansions in Walworth County. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> finally here tonight, while there is still mail and not everything is sent elect chron clirk it's going to have to get delivered it no matter what. you know their motto, but you may not know about the beautiful place we are going to take you to now where the key to delivering the mail is not missing the boat. our report tonight from nbc's stephanie gosk.

>> reporter: lake geneva , wisconsin, is not a bad place to land a summer job. and anna and ellie may have the coolest one of all time. their mornings begin at the post office , but this is no standard delivery. the mail travels by boat, briefly by air, finished off with a sprint. anna, ellie and their brother, keith, are lake geneva 's mail jumpers. the boat never actually stops. the mail route would take too much time. so the jump verse to be swift of foot, agile and not afraid to fall in.

>> what happened?

>> took too long.

>> reporter: lake geneva is ringed by lavish estates, many built the turn of the 20th century . this used tonight only day to deliver the mail. today it is more tradition than necessity and even back tourist attraction . hal manages the cruise line .

>> back in 1961 , we had one person, one captain, one crew and just so much a part of the history of geneva lake .

>> reporter: the boat moves pretty fast and there is an occasional obstacle. someone takes the bail box.

>> did it to trip you up?

>> reporter: yeah. to truly appreciate the dexterity needed, there was really only one option. you want to move with the boat. don't run straight at it.

>> curve with the boat?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: the first step is rough.

>> that was a big jump on that one.

>> reporter: followed by -- oh, no. and then a graceful recovery. ellie will soon graduate from nursing school , leaving mail jumping behind.

>> i keep telling myself i need to get a big-girl job and i need to work in the hospital, not out on the water, but i'm not ready to give it up yet.

>> reporter: you can hardly blame her. stephanie gosk, nbc news, lake geneva , wisconsin.