Nightly News   |  July 19, 2013

Anticipation builds for newest royal

The road outside the London hospital where Kate expected to give birth has been flooded with media, and nicknamed ‘crazy street’ by taxi drivers. And as the hours tick by, rumors have been flying. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

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>>> finally tonight, in the next few hours or days, a child will be born in the united kingdom who will be third in line to the throne. and he or she will not come along a moment too soon. in terms of the anticipatory fever, the rumored speculation, the fits and false starts just today, to say nothing of the child's parents and family who are probably ready right about now for this to all happen. kate snow remains standing by for us in london . good evening.

>> good evening to you. the palace will officially not say anything until kate middleton is safely in the hospital and that lack of any real information led to a very long week of a very crazy day. someone says or sees or hears something, and we all jump. bucklebury, kate 's hometown, where she started her day. then came word she might be on the move. no the that anyone actually saw her. could it be? finally time for all those photographers waiting outside the hospital in london , to jump on their ladders?

>> well i've had my spot marked up since the first of july. it's incredible.

>> taxi drivers have given the road a new name.

>> crazy street.

>> we're sort of chasing each other to see in anybody knows more than the last person.

>> the slightest hint of news is enough to set hearts racing so when these two walked up this afternoon. there were seasoned journalists who tweeted things like kate just's gone in. no, they were just look-alikes sent over as a gag by the "sun" newspaper. the shame of falling for it for nanosecond. wrote cnn contributor. when the baby does come, prime minister david cameron will be among the first to know. when an aide came in a cabinet meeting and handed him a scrap of paper, he told bbc radio today.

>> everyone of course thought it was the announcement about the royal baby and there was great intake of breath.

>> as the hours tick by, it's not just the queen who wants this baby to arrive soon.

>> kate the great is three days late. i can't wait for her to dilate.

>> but some brits aren't quite so excited.

>> are your friends obsessed with this? do they care?

>> the cynics will come around.

>> the patriotic nation, day to day , but when events such as this happen, you know, good or bad, we line up behind our royal family in a way that is really refreshing.

>> the queen has off on vacation, but she spoke for many people here when she said the other day about the baby, i wish it would hurry up. this is one case where a queen's wish is hardly a command. brian?

>> kate snow in london , thank you. i'm told that piece of paper by the way was the cricket score the prime minister had requested.