Nightly News   |  July 20, 2013

Storms expected to bring relief from heat

There may finally be some relief from the suffocating heat and humidity that has affected millions of people this week. But with that, come some strong storms. Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel has more.

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>>> there may finally be some relief from that suffocating heat and humidity that has affected millions of people this week. but with that comes some strong storms. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel has more tonight.

>> reporter: this could go down as the sweatiest week of the summer for more than 100 million americans.

>> it's brutal.

>> reporter: as the heat wave stretched into its seventh day in the northeast, people headed out early to new york's central park to try to beat the sizzle. yet again today, the temperature cracked 90.

>> we're hoping that it's going to break soon. is it going to break soon?

>> reporter: this is the first time in more than a decade new yorkers have had to endure such a long string of 90-degree days. the hot and steamy weather stretches from d.c. to boston. with reports of at least six heat-related deaths in three states. in chicago, the heat wave was broken by severe thunderstorms last night. mother nature even crashed pearl jam 's sold out concert at chicago's wrigley field , forcing fans to take cover at the stadium for a few hours until the storm passed. coincidentally, the group's latest album is entitled " lightning bolt ." in the detroit area , powerful thunderstorms brought down trees and power lines . and more than 100,000 customers remain without power.

>> it's one of the biggest storms i've ever seen in the area.

>> reporter: strong storms were also to blame for the collapse of this mall at an ohio college. in las vegas , where they dealt with their hottest temperatures on record three weeks ago, storms produced flash flooding , a leaky casino hotel roof, and a different kind of light show. photos capture incredible lightning above the strip. back in the northeast, people were heading to the beaches and pools to cool off, but the suffering is just about over. some of the cool air that dropped temperatures into the 40s in northern minnesota this morning is sweeping east, bringing relief for all those who've been sweating it out. storms along that cold front tonight are producing some gusty winds, heavy rain , lots of lightning in parts of the midwest, even some flash flooding . so far in the northeast the rain has been spotty. but even if you don't get the rain it will be cooler tomorrow. sunday's high in new york city , only 87. boston, temperatures below average, even cooler on monday, and harry, we haven't seen a stretch of heat like this since 2002 . only 20 times in 150 summers we've been through heat waves like this.

>> mike, i think the rain is heading your way. so take cover. thanks so much.