Nightly News   |  July 21, 2013

Cleveland suburb on edge after grisly discoveries

A Cleveland suburb is on edge after police found the bodies of three women who may have been murdered by a serial killer, NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>> for the second time in less than four years, cleveland, ohio, has been rocked by hidden bodies. at least three women have been unearthed and the search for victims isn't over.

>> reporter: late this afternoon police in east cleveland , ohio, blocked off an open lot after a new discovery of a partially buried garbage bag . three bodies of women each wrapped in bags. volunteers searched all day checking abandoned homes and assisting through weeded lots. authorities say they were found within 200 yards of each other.

>> three females obviously and to have been killed within the last six to telephone days.

>> police fear a possible copy cat killer is responsible. michael madison was arrested on friday. after the first body was found, he had --

>> it appears that it was the work of one person and we have him in custody.

>> reporter: during interviews madison led police to believe he was inspired by convicted serial killer anthony sowell. he was convicted of 11 murders in 2011 his victims were hidden less than ten miles from the latest crime scene.

>> the question is are there just these three victims and could someone have committed these offenses with him.

>> reporter: the discovery have shaken this community and have many wondering how this could happen again.