Nightly News   |  July 21, 2013

Roller coaster death prompts questions about safety oversight

Witnesses say the woman who was killed after being thrown from a roller coaster in Texas was concerned her lap restraint did not work. NBC’s Charles Hadlock reports.

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>> we turn to texas now and questions of whether concerns were raised about the famous roller coaster at the six flags amusement park in arlington right before a mother was thrown to her death.

>> reporter: it was her first visit to six flags over texas . on facebook postings, her family says she was having a good time until we got on the texas giant . the amusement park 's star attraction. while boarding the rite, according to witnesses, she was concerned that her lap restraint was not working. she asked an attendant to check it. car men brown describes what she saw.

>> he was going through like this, doing this. and he was like --

>> witnesses say she was in a panicked state as the ride took off. on the first turn, tragedy struck.

>> the guy that was sitting right behind the lady said that right when they came down off the first bump and hit that first turn she floo out.

>> reporter: six flags says it's conducting an investigation and issued a statement saying we are committed to determining the cause of this tragic accident and will utilize every resource throughout the process. but the process will not involve government regulators. texas is one of 21 states without oversight to investigate amusement park accidents .

>> no federal or state investigative oversight.

>> now senator markey has introduced -- but the measure has repeatedly famed. late today senator markey renewed his call for federal regulation. six flags is open tonight by the texas giant remains closed as the company continues its own investigation.