Nightly News   |  July 21, 2013

Humanitarian crisis reaching new levels in Syria

As civil war rages on in Syria, humanitarian suffering is reaching new catastrophic levels. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>> there is is a report out of syria tonight of the assad regime is responsible for a massacre. 13 members of a family, including women and children were killed. this as the human taern crisis is unfolding at a level the world hadn't seen for nearly two decades.

>> reporter: on the front lines of syria 's civil war , the fighting rages on between the assad regime and rebelled. and now it's battling amongst itself. syrian rebels are fighting militantness a few towns all while the humanitarian suffering reaches new levels. more than -- 4 million syrians can no longer meets their basic food needs. and nearly 5,000 people killed each month since last july. 6,000 people are leaving the country every day, a rate the u.n. said it hadn't seen since 1994 . many of them are coming here in neighboring jordan. make shift tents, hospitals and schools are now home to nearly 130,000 refugees. even though they escaped syria , this man asked us not to reveal his identity out of fear of puchlt. he shows me where a bullet pierced his wrist. after security forces came and took his sister and cousin, he took his wife and children and fled first to lebanon and then here to egypt. they yearn to return to their home. for now, there's no indication that will happen. some u.s. officials say the conflict in syria could drag on for years and he may still be in power one year from today. which means for the people of syria , the suffering will also go on.