Nightly News   |  July 23, 2013

Glowing with pride, Will and Kate introduce their baby boy

First-time parents Will and Kate shared the newest member of their family with the world on Tuesday. The Prince of Cambridge doesn’t yet have a name, but Will said they’re working on it. NBC’s Chris Jansing

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>>> good evening, and this has been a rare opportunity for millions of us around the world to follow some good news. the birth of a baby in london who will continue the british monarchy . a son born to a thoroughly modern couple, now a family of three. today when they exited the hospital in london, the world got its first look. the young prince just over 24 hours old took no questions. luckily, while the still photographer snapped away, his parents came forward to talk with reporters.

>> well, he's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he's a big boy , quite heavy. we're still working on a name. we'll have it out as soon as we can. first time we've seen him. we need a proper chance to catch up.

>> yes, it's very emotional. any parent knows what this feeling feels like.

>> i'll remind him of his tarrediness when he's older. hopefully you guys can go back to normal now and we can look after him. he has her lips, thankfully.

>> no, no, no.

>> with that, the family prepared to leave for their first night at home which happens to be at kensington palace . be it ever so humble, that's where they are right now. chris jansing is there with us this evening.

>> good evening, brian, they say there's no place like home for a reason. this is where william largely grew up, there must be a comfort level for them to spend their first night as a family here together. in spite of it all being so familiar, you couldn't be at the hospital today and also sense that change is in the air. this is the iconic moment, these are the most telling. a new mom growing and showing her post baby bump in a simple polka dot dress.

>> i can't believe i was that close to them.

>> reporter: and a first time dad, toting his baby in a car seat, strapping him in and sliding behind the wheel headed for home. the continuity of two future kings and yet historic change captured in the small details of every day life.

>> very, very modern, very, very 21st century , so fresh and two parents so proud. take out the royal staff , take out us. this is just two parents clearly, absolutely in love with their new baby.

>> and thoroughly at ease in front of the clicking cameras, joking about the heir's hair.

>> he's got way more than me thank god.

>> and diaper duty.

>> i've done that already.

>> reporter: will's shirt sleeves rolled up. so different from charles when he and diana introduced him to the same spot 31 years ago. the new grandfather was very much in the spirit of things, joking with the waiting press. and knowingly hinting at the answer to the pressing questions, when will we see the royal debut.

>> you wait and see, you'll see in a minute.

>> in another modern move, it was kate's mom and dad , not the royals, who visited first. more elegantly turned out than most grandparents but predictably proud.

>> they're both doing very well. we're so proud.

>> the queen a great grandmother for the third time was all smiles today. as britain heralded yesterday's arrival of the 8 pound 6 ounce baby boy . westminster abbey 's celebratory chimes. 62 gunfis firing their approval. and the changing of the guard . to a different tune today. the british pop classic, congratulations. and although his royal heiness doesn't yet have a name, was that a wave to the adoring crowd we saw? maybe there's something to this hereditary thing. the most famous family in the world, and yet in so many ways very much like us. well, we're going to have to wait and see when the name comes. it took about a week for william to be named, about a month for charles. all the names that people are betting on are the most familiar names, like george and elbert. we'll see if this thoroughly modern couple extends tradition to