Nightly News   |  July 23, 2013

Prince William’s first public moments as a father

As someone who has maintained a semblance of privacy despite his prominent role, Prince William will now teach his son – who faces big expectations -- how to lead a public life. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> finally here tonight, it was a striking image today, mother and father, prince and duchess showing off his royal highness . baby cambridge until he has a proper name . just about 24 hours old. parents everywhere saw a familiar look on william 's face. that would be the beginning of fatherhood. nbc's kier simmons has our final report tonight from london.

>> reporter: we watched him all his life. this was our first glimpse of william as a father. doing it his way. a reassuring arm for kate. the future king, shirt september 11s rolled up, in charge. and every man carrying his son, also a future king, a dad driving his family home. 31 years ago in the same hospital at the same door, william was introduced to the world by his father. charles in a proper suit and tie , a different generation. he was set to chafe under the discipline of his own father phillip. william grew up with his father's formality and reserve, tempered by diana's openness, her desire to give her sons a normal life . as a boy, he saw his parents marriage disintegrate. the world saw it too.

>> you just felt like people were watching you, just because they were interested to see how you act.

>> reporter: william was strong for his mother in life and mourned her death in public when he was just 15. he was the good son. staying out of trouble.

>> every now and then we hear these stories about harry and his wonderful parties. we don't hear this about william . william has become a man who has shouldered this responsibility.

>> we want to be as normal as possible. to a certain respect we never will be normal.

>> reporter: as normal as possible for a young man facing royal expectations.

>> there's a great way of rioting to what the monarchs in the past have done.

>> reporter: we've watched william grow up, fall in love and get married. serve his country. now he'll teach his son what he's learned, including how to live a public life .

>> he will come up with a way of stating the press, and that huge thirst for knowledge about the childhood of this new prince, but containing the privacy they've always done.

>> reporter: he's a father now. it's a role william was born to play. kier simmons, nbc