Nightly News   |  July 24, 2013

Weiner: ‘This is not about me’

After admitting to a new spate of raunchy online behavior that began a full year after he resigned from Congress in disgrace, Anthony Weiner is still fighting to stay in the New York City mayoral race. His latest confession, however, has prompted criticism and even outrage from editorial writers and TV commentators. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> of all the 535 members of congress there was one name in particular am kandz came to know two years ago because of what he did and what led to his resignation. new york democratic congressman, anthony weiner , caught in a string of inappropriate internet relationships illustrated with vivid photographs. his name was tossed on the stack of disgraced former politicians until he decided to run for mayor of new york city . but yesterday he was forced to admit his behavior continued after he left congress and this now involves his prominent wife and prominent political family named clinton. weiner insisted today this is not about him. but the race for mayor, the media attention and anger vented now is all about him. we get our report on all of it from nbc's andrea mitchell .

>> reporter: today anthony weiner said it was all about the city not about him.

>> you know, i am fine. i have an amazing wife and child upstairs. i have a comfortable life. this its not about me.

>> reporter: to many it did seem to be all about him especially after watching his wife, huma abedin , long time hillary clinton confidant break her silence to come to his defense.

>> it took a lot of work. and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where i could forgive anthony. that was a decision i made for me. for our son, and for our family.

>> reporter: to outraged editorial writers and tv commenters, weiner was hiding behind his wife.

>> dragging a nice woman, drags her out to stand there next to him, makes richard nixon and pat nixon look like it was a royal marriage .

>> reporter: "the new york times" decried his arrogance. "the wall street journal " compared him to eliot spitzer . the paper wrote another narcissist attempting a political comeback after hue mill yagt his wife. then there its the time line . weiner 's latest online sext, a full year after he resigned from congress in disgrace. a week before this gauzy, "people" magazine, profile, quoting huma saying anthony has spent every day since then trying to be the best dad and husband he can be. to the clintons, huma is family. bill clinton officiated her marriage to weiner and said if he had a second daughter it would be huma , her mentor, hillary clinton proved wives and voters can forgive.

>> i am not sitting here some little woman standing by my man.

>> reporter: weiner seems to be channelling bill clinton .

>> i won't stop fighting until the last --

>> i will be there for you until the last dog dies.

>> reporter: in the september issue of "harper's bazaar" huma wrote putting yourself out there comes with a cost. in life as in fiction.

>> voters need to see you together up on the stage holding hand.

>> i want to be a great state's attorney. i can't do it without you.

>> reporter: before the latest revelations, weiner was leading a crowded primary race for mayor. he has had plenty of money in the bank , some say he has nothing to lose at least not politically.

>> andrea, to another matter on your beat. that is caroline kennedy 's name in the news. a story you first reported was coming down the track in april.

>> back in april. he has been nominated. has to be confirmed by the senate that is formality. ambassador to japan . she has no ambassador experience, back in her history. her grandfather, joe kennedy was ambassador to great britain. but the kennedy name is magic in japan . in the 60s, japan was on its heels, jfk, his brother, and their first ambassador to japan , really set the relationship going forward. this is the third largest economy. a big job. women are not accepted in business and in the professions the way they are here in the states, at least better in the states. in japan . so this is going to be a big challenge for her. caroline kennedy , as i say the kennedy name, celebrity, an early, strong supporter of barack obama when he was running against hillary clinton .

>> andrea mitchell thank you for