Nightly News   |  July 24, 2013

Royal baby joins long line of monarchs named George

The newest royal, who was introduced to the public for the first time Tuesday, will be named George Alexander Louis. It’s a name shared by six previous kings – two of them immortalized by Hollywood. NBC’s Chris Jansing reports.

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>> and duchess of cambridge, william and kate revealed the name of their newborn son, he is george alexander louis , or as he will be addressed his royal highness prince george of cambridge . tonight the family made their way to kate 's parents house in the village of bucklebury where kate 's mother the only living grandmother, carol middleton is expected to play a big role in the days and years ahead for that matter. nbc's chris jansing has made her way to bucklebury tonight. chris, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian. from a pub frequented by the middletons, a break with royal tradition to take a two-day heir to the throne out of the palace into the countryside. unexpected they named him quickly. what is not a surprise is the name itself. just 24 hours after the world first glimpsed the baby cambridge, he got a very grownup name.

>> it's george !

>> reporter: george alexander louis .

>> lovely combination actually.

>> a tremendous name. very traditional.

>> reporter: ending a week's long guessing game.

>> it matters an enormous amount in royals, what they're consciously doing is to fling back the memory, the imagination, sometimes hundreds of years.

>> reporter: george the name of six previous kings two of them immortalized by hollywood.

>> apart from the place we must not mention.

>> reporter: the madness of king george iii who lost the american colonies .

>> the united states .

>> reporter: and george vi in the king's speech. he the beloved father of the queen.

>> it got much better, papa.

>> bless you.

>> reporter: who met her great grandson this morning. then will and kate did most untraditional thing taking his royal highness out of the palace off to kate 's hometown of bucklebury . welcomed by the sounds and the sights of celebration. but most of all, by the familiar comfort of kate 's family, who built a bond with william over ten years of the couple's courtship.

>> he is known to call michael middleton dad. carol said to dote on her son-in-law. a photograph of him on her mobile phone .

>> reporter: like diana, carol midd middleton was a hand-on openly affectionate mom. a descendant of coal miners who with her husband built a multimillion dollar business and raised a future queen. now as prince george 's only grandmother she is in a unique position of in flu ens.

>> she will be there to say this is what we achieved with very little. you can go on and do great things, king or not.

>> reporter: and back to the names, apparently, kate liked the name alexander for the girl. that's why alexander now for george . and also louis for lord mountbatten . prince george when he becomes king isn't obligated to take any of those names.

>> chris jansing in a prominent but still small town. chris, thank you.