Nightly News   |  July 25, 2013

CDC sounds the alarm on HPV vaccine

Only 54 percent of the girls eligible for the HPV vaccine were vaccinated in 2011, in part because doctors aren’t recommending it enough and parents may not be discussing the vaccine with their children. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.

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>>> there is a public health story in the news tonight about the now well known vaccine proven to protect against a variety of cancers and despite years of encouraging its use, tonight doctors are sounding something of an alarm saying only about half the american girls eligible have received it. that leaves millions more unprotected. we're joined tonight by chief medical editor, dr. nancy snyderman , nancy welcome.

>> brian, enough of a concern, the cdc held a press conference. concerned about the hpv vaccine on the market since 2006 recommended for preteen girls and preteen boys. here is the concern -- only 54% of teen girls have received the vaccination. the reason that matters is because over 26,000 cases of hpv-related cancers are diagnosed every year. everything from cancer of the cervix to head and neck. part of the problem is compliance. this has never been a simple vaccine. the cdc has always recommended three doses. the problem is not every kid gets the three doses. and that's a concern. today they're sounding the alarm for parents to speak up and demand it. but for, pediatricians to remember that when preteen kids come in for those school physicals before they go back to school, there is a perfect time to lump it together. not every school, brian requires this vaccine along with the recommended ones. it is sounding the alarm. this is not a pro, you can have sex vaccine, this is anti- cancer vaccine . the sooner we wrap our head around that the better we make public health .