Nightly News   |  July 25, 2013

George H.W. Bush: ‘I wanted to show solidarity’

Jenna Bush spoke with her grandfather, George H.W. Bush, about his decision to shave his head along with members of his secret service detail in support of one agent’s son, 2-year-old Patrick.

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>>> we are back now with more on the striking photograph of 41, former president bush , who shaved off his hair. so did everybody in his secret service protection detail. we learned in support of a 2-year-old son named pat wreck of one of the agents who is undergoing chemo, for leukemia. the bushes lost their daughter robin at age 4 to leukemia. today george bush 's great granddaughter, granddaughter, rather, jenna bush hager , traveled to the compound in kennebunkport, maine to get a look at the buzz cut and a candid conversation about what inspired him to do it.

>> one of the reason you shaved your head, you wanted to see that little boy smile?

>> that's right. and, all of the agents had done it. and i wanted to show solidarity with them.

>> i think john and his wife are very touched and surprised. very.

>> does it surprise you that people still are so attracted to the way that everything you do. i mean i am, i am biased.

>> it does come as a surprise. you don't think of, i think of myself as kind of over the hill. out of it.

>> i think of you when you consider the news that you are one of, a great gentle, man. and certainly can use good, clean, gentle men these days and women. but i think people long for it.

>> what did robin say to you?

>> i love you more than tongue can tell.

>> you loved it when she would say that?

>> yeah.

>> he always answered, i love you more.

>> it makes you think about her when you say it now even?

>> absolutely.

>> we wanted to let you know, jenna bush hager 's interview with her grandparents airs tomorrow morning on "today."