Nightly News   |  July 26, 2013

JFK’s now-famous phone call from 50 years ago

With all the news the dominated the headlines in the past week, here are some of the noteworthy things that didn’t get quite as much attention, including the spirited call President John F. Kennedy made from the Oval Office. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> finally tonight, an attempt to hit pause and then rewind what was a very busy week dominated, at least at the start, by the news from overseas -- the arrival of a new prince -- and news that followed that. that means there were things we didn't get to. luckily in the waning moments on friday night there is still time beginning with an incredible sight captured on camera. a tourist in france just noticed something unusual -- what appeared to be almost puffs of smoke at the base of a beautiful seaside cliff. but look a little closer and you notice a huge section of hillside is falling away -- and there it goes. it was blamed on natural erosion, but france just got smaller by a little bit. while a few folks ran away yelling french expletives, luckily no one was directly underneath it.

>>> fedex is dealing with another embarrassing situation. you may remember this -- the now former fedex delivery guy playing fast and loose with somebody's flat screen oh. now these two have been captured having a good laugh while giving some parcels a good toss, though it is no match for the grand datd di of them all, the baggage mishandler caught on video by a passenger in china. hopefully there wasn't china in the boxes.

>>> what may be the death oh officially of the american attention span , new versions of board games for folks who just don't have the time for scrabble or monopoly. the new scrabble flash has light-up tiles for those fighting boredom and allows two players to complete a round in two and a half minutes. the new monopoly empire game lets players buy big name brands like coke and mcdonald's. games are as quick as 30 minutes . there is no more go to jail command, presumably players are rehabilitated.

>>> finally this week marked the 50th anniversary of two different events in the kennedy white house which were unknown to the rest of us at the time. 50 years ago this week a precocious student from arkansas angled his way to the front of the rose garden to shake the hand of the president. of course bill clinton would grow up to be elected just seven presidents after kennedy . and 50 years ago this week president kennedy placed a spirited phone call from the oval office . he was angered by a picture in the washington post that showed the military proudly displaying a newly redecorated hospital room at otis air force base on thescape specifically prepared for mrs. kennedy . the president saw a p.r. disaster waiting to happen. when jfk calls the air force general in charge he swears like the navy man he once was. historians pointed out decades later this air force general once dated jackie kennedy . all in all he's about to have a very bad day starting when he picks up the phone.

>> general.

>> yes, sir.

>> the air force has caused itself more grief with that silly bastard. did you see the post this morning?

>> yes, sir.

>> did you see that fellow by the bed and the furniture they bought from jordan marsh ? what the hell did they let the reporters in there for? are they crazy? you just sank the air force budget. they're crazy up there. that silly bastard with his picture next to the bed?

>> i'm appalled, but --

>> well, i'm appalled, too.

>> all right, sir.

>> i want that -- that fellow is incompetent who had his picture taken next to mrs. kennedy 's bed if that's what it was. he's a silly bastard. are they throwing around money over there?

>> well, sir this is --