Nightly News   |  July 27, 2013

Dozens killed, injured in Egypt clashes

Egypt saw its bloodiest day since President Morsi was forced from office. At least 80 people are confirmed dead, but other reports have the number in the hundreds after police clashed with supporters of the ousted president  in what could be the start of a sustained and violent crackdown.  NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> in egypt it's the bloodiest day since president morsi was forced from office. there are varying death tolls, but at least 80 people are confirmed dead . other reports have the number in the hundreds. thousands have been injured after police clashed with supporters of the ousted president in what could be the start of a sustained and violent crackdown. nbc's amman mojadin is in cairo tonight and has our report.

>> reporter: gunshots echoing across a cairo street. police seen in the distance firing tear gas and according to eye witnesses live ammunition in the direction of supporters of ousted president mohammed morsy. throughout the night and early morning the wounded were ferried from the frontlines, many brought here to the field hospital at the center of the anti-coup protest site.

>> many wounded in the head, in the neck, in the chest, and gunshots were shoot to kill .

>> reporter: for hours people searched for relatives and friends caught in the clashes nearby. hospitals posted patient lists outside to help identify victims. inside the hospital in 17-year-old was recovering from a police bullet that hit him in the stomach. he was among the many participating in a march calling for ousted president morsi to be reinstated. in alec annedria pro-morsi accused them of using plain-clothes thugs while fighting with the supporters of the deposed president. these were anything but peaceful protests. police released this footage showing demonstrators firing at them and crowds burning cars to block major roads while terrorizing neighborhoods in cairo . the government says it has run out of patience with prot-morsi sit-in protest that has been encamped for nearly a month. today the police vowed to break up the protest by law and with force if necessary. more supplies are being delivered to the field hospital . signs they, too, were preparing for more violence. this evening u.s. secretary of state john kerry called his egyptian counterpart and interim vice president and called on them to exercise maximum restraint in dealing with the protests. he called it a pivotal moment for the country and called on egyptian officials to build a more inclusive political process, but more importantly, to pull the country back from the brink. lester.

>> amman in cairo tonight. thanks.