Nightly News   |  July 28, 2013

Two bodies recovered following NYC boat crash

Authorities in New York City have recovered two bodies after a boating accident that is believed to have claimed the life of a bride-to-be and her fiancé’s best man. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>> in the hudson river just north of new york city , officials have now recovered two bodies following this weekend's tragic boat accident that is believed to have claimed the lives of a young bride to be and her fiance's best friend .

>> reporter: this is what ended up with a bride and best man believed dead. a --

>> i can't talk about it right now. i'm sorry.

>> reporter: speaking to reporter's saturday, the bride's parents hoped for a miracle.

>> they went for a nice night on the river.

>> reporter: but by sunday please recovered two bodies.

>> we did speak to the families today and they were notified. they did console them. at this time, of course, we're waiting for positive identification from the medical examiner's office. but we're pretty confident that in fact this is mark lennon .

>> reporter: 30-year-old stewart was set to marry her fiance in two weeks. best friends since childhood, family members said they fell in love four years ago. they were in the back of the boat when it crashed into the barge. the courtroom to be managed to call 911. reverend david low tlop spoke to them in the hospital.

>> it's hard to tell a mother and father that their daughter is not coming home.

>> reporter: police say they have reason to believe the driver was intoxicated and have charged him with vehicular man slaughter and assault. authorities say the barges were lit up but they called the conditions disorienting.

>> the lights on the background really played tricks on your eyes. the barge was just a black mass .

>> reporter: the driver of the boat is still in critical condition . he was araped, lester, in his hospital bed.

>> thanks.