Nightly News   |  July 28, 2013

Top Anthony Weiner staffer resigns

Sunday brought more bad news for New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner as his campaign manager resigned and poll numbers continue to plummet. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> to the politics of new york 's mayoral race. today we learned annie wiener's campaign manager designed.

>> reporter: another set back for the campaign of anthony weiner . this weekend his campaign manager resigned but would not comment to nbc news about his decision. mr. wiener did respond and emphasized he's not dropping out of the race.

>> we have an amazing staff. but it isn't about the people working on the campaign. it's about the people we're working for.

>> reporter: his poll numbers have plummeted. ever since he admitted last week that he was still sexting.

>> if i conducted myself in the manner that you conducted yours, my job would be gone.

>> in the privacy of your own home?

>> the privacy of.

>> reporter: today there was a chorus of voices calling for him to get out of the race.

>> he is wasting time and space.

>> i think his behavior has been quite clinically sick. and i think well find out in the democratic prime marry if indeed the voters are sick.

>> there's a real pathological problem with him.

>> reporter: and his record while serving here in congress has become foder for criticism. new york times columnist wrote there's nothing in his pub life that's redeeming. in 12 years in congress he managed to get one bill passed.

>> he disqualified himself but not just because of these scandals, though that certainly has. he didn't have the qualifications when he was in congress.

>> reporter: in the september primary, voters will have their say. nbc news, washington.