Nightly News   |  July 28, 2013

Rare footage gives new glimpse into ‘Camelot’

Rare footage of President John F. Kennedy enjoying the last summer of his life gives Americans a close-up look at one of the country’s most famous political families. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> on a week that say the nomination of caroline kennedy to be merk's next ambassador to japan and what would have been jackie kennedy 's 84th birthday, a piece of rarely viewed film takes us back exactly 50 years ago. it was a family celebration on what known knew would be the last summer of president john f. kennedy 's life.

>> reporter: it's the kind of detailed close-up look at a president at play that wouldn't be seen today. jfk golfing. his swing hampered by a bad back. and relaxing on the water, a motor yacht this time, in swim trunks and shades with jackie nearby and daughter caroline swimming and goofing around as children will and repeating to her doting father's side.

>> in a way where a president could relax without aforethought. none of that security. none of that accord between the president and the press and public.

>> reporter: the scenes are from cape cod . at one point during the three-day weekend, the president does business in a suit and tie . meeting with ambassador and secretary of state. it was july, kennedy has just returned from germany where he had given his famous speech at the wall. and the u.s., uk, and soviet union had just signed a treaty. but for those three days there were this rarely seen images. the public swimming or boating on their own, literally in shouting distance from what came to be called cam lot, the kennedy family at play. caroline, who just this past week was nominated by president obama , to be the u.s. ambassador by japan, and john john who would later be lost in the crash of his plane in -- and jackie, and the president who was here with his family on a long summer weekend in the warmth of the sun and water and with no hint of the storm to come.